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Luxurious and stylish The Monopol Hotel is a dream place for a wide variety of wedding ceremonies: from romantic and intimate to grand and lavish receptions. Our professional and dedicated staff aims to ensure that your every wish and requirements are met. From the moment you decide to spend your special day with us, our Special Events co-ordinator is on hand to bring every wish you might have to perfection and to make you feel a distinctive character of this day also during its preparation.

  STARTERS (one course to choose)

Monopol style Caprese

Burrata cheese with heirloom tomatoes and basil oil

Salad with heirloom beetroots, goat cheese and pistachios

Salmon marinated in coriander served with sour cream and blinis

Beef Carpaccio with rocket salad and parmesan cheese

Duck and pork pate with pistachios and herbs salad

Chicken liver and foie gras parfait with apricot chutney

Grilled asparagus with parma ham and hollandaise sauce (available – May/ June)

Veal with tuna sauce and capers

Salmon tartare with cucumber and radish

Beef tartare with marinated chanterelle

Deer tartare, pickled beetroots, perilla, onion (avalible – autumn / winter)

  FIRST COURSES (one course to choose)

Duck consommés with homemade pasta

Guinea fowl soup with homemade pasta

Guinea fowl soup with dumplings with beef

Gaspacho with basil oil

Beetroot cream soup with beet leaves

Mushroom cream soup with truffle oil and parmesan cheese (avalible – autumn / winter)

Pumpkin cream soup with seed oil (avalible – autumn / winter)

Roasted tomatoes cream soup with basil

Green pea cream soup with ricotta cheese and Parma ham

Potato-leek cream soup with smoked halibut

Ravioli with pumpkin and sage butter (avalible – autumn / winter)

Ravioli with pear, gorgonzola and spinach

  MAIN COURSES (one course to choose)

Guinea fowl with sage, roasted potatoes and zucchini

Salmon in puff pastry with spinach and hollandaise sauce

Atlantic cod with lemon risotto, parmesan cheese and fennel salad

Sea bass with green vegetables gorgonelli pasta and pistou sauce

Fried zander, white asparagus, Southern sauce, black lentils

Veal chop with mashed potato, spinach and caramelized pearl onions

Pork loin with pepper sauce, mashed potatoes and caramelized carrots

Beef cheek with potato purée and caramelized carrots

Duck leg confit with silesian dumplings and red cabbage

Chateaubriand steak with potato fondant, foie gras and truffle herloom

Lamb shank with saffron risotto

Risotto with green asparagus and truffle (available – may / june)

menu price increases by 40 PLN gross / person
  DESSERT (one course to choose)

Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce

Tart with vanilla cream and seasonal fruits

Lemon tart with singed meringue

Cheesecake with white chocolate and forest fruits coulis

Chocolate gateau with cherry jelly and dried fruits

Pavlova with vanilla cream and seasonal fruits

Paris Brest with praline cream and black currant

Wedding cake – flavor to choose



200 PLN / PP.

cold dishes – 6 courses + bread, butter

salads – 4 courses

hot dishes – 3 courses

warm additions – 2 courses

desserts – 3 courses

230 PLN / PP.

cold dishes – 7 courses + bread, butter

salads – 4 courses

hot dishes – 4 courses

warm additions – 2 course

desserts – 4 courses


Roasted pork with rosemary

Roasted pork with plum

Baked bacon with smoked plums

Pork Jelly

Pork pate

Pork and duck pate with pistachios

Roasted beef with french mustard

Beef tongue with celery remoulade and lamb’s lettuce

Ham baked in honey

Beef with ricotta cheese and nuts

Veal with tuna sauce

Herring in sour cream

Herring in linseed oil

Smoked salmon with sour cream

Cheese tart with spinach

Tart with leek and bacon

Selection of Polish meats

Pickled vegetables


Mix of salad with tomato and cucumber

Mix of salad with cherry tomatoes, chicken and balsamic vinegar

Mix of salad with salmon and capers

Mix of salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and sheep cheese

Caesar salad with shrimps, parmesan cheese and croutons

Caesar salad with bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese and chives

Salad with couscous, octopus and mint

Greek salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, peppers, olives and basil

Caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil)

Salad with celery, lamb’s lettuce and hazelnuts

Salad with smoked salmon, lamb’s lettuce, capers and olives


Red borsch with croquette with cabbage and mushrooms

White borsch with white sausage

Goulash soup with smoked paprika

Chicken shashlik marinated in coconut milk (2 pieces / person)

Pork knuckle glazed in dark beer

Beef Strogonow

Ribs with cabbage and bacon

Baked pork ham with cranberry

Lamb knuckle with rosemary

Baked salmon with shallots

Cod with herb sauce

Turkey in pesto sauce

Duck thighs with apples and marjoram

Shrimps in curry

Pork dumplings

Dumplings with potatoes and white cheese

Meat-stuffed cabbage

Chicken curry


Silesian noodles

Baked Potatoes

Potato gnocchi

Potatoes with butter and dill

Buckwheat with thyme

Rice with vegetables

Red Cabbage with blackberries

Fried cabbage

Boiled vegetables

Grilled vegetables

Seasonal vegetables with clarified butter

Glazed carrots with tarragon


Apple pie with chantilly cream

Classic cheesecake

Honey cheescake

Brownie with nuts

Banana chocolate cake

Lemon tart

Chocolate-caramel tart

Panna cotta with raspberry sauce


Pears in syrup

Chocolate trio

Carrot cake with nuts and mascarpone

Seasonal fruit

Beverages and Alcohol

Option I
Coffee, tea
Mineral water, juices
Price: 50 PLN / PP.

Otion II
Coffee, tea,
Mineral water, juices
Pepsi, 7up, Schweppes
Price: 60 PLN / PP.

  Alcohol (Open Bar)

Option I - 190 PLN brutto / PP.
Duration: up to 12h

White wine

Red wine

Regional Beer

Vodka Ostoya

Option II - 235 PLN brutto / PP.
Duration: up to 12h

White wine

Red wine

Regional Beer

Vodka Ostoya

Gin Beefeater

Option III - 265 PLN brutto / PP.
Duration: up to 12h

White wine

Red wine

Regional Beer

Vodka Ostoya

Gin Beefeater

Whisky Chivas 12YO

  Alcohol (Settlement in accordance with the consumption)


Sparkling wine Prosecco – 120 PLN brutto / bottle

Champagne BILLECART SALMON Brut Reserve – 300 PLN brutto / bottle

Champagne G.H. Mumm, Cordon Rouge, Brut – 320 PLN brutto / bottle

Champagne, Perrier-Jouët, Grand Brut – 400 PLN brutto / bottle

White wine – 120 PLN brutto / bottle

Red wine 120 PLN brutto / bottle


Vodka Ostoya – 160 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Wyborowa Exquisite – 280 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Vodka Belvedere – 300 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

White alcohol

Gin Beefeater London Dry Gin – 190 PLN brutto/ bottle 0,7 L

Gin Bombay Sapphire – 220 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Gin Hendrick's – 320 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Rum Havana Club 3 Años – 190 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Rum Havana Club 7 Años – 240 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Rum Dictador 12 YO – 390 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Tequila Olmeca Altos Plata – 320 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L


Jameson – 220 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Jack Daniels – 240 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Chivas Regal 12YO – 260 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Four Roses – 340 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L

Glenlivet 15YO – 400 brutto PLN / bottle 0,7 L

Ardbeg 10YO – 450 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7 L


Martell VS – 330 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7l

Martell VSOP – 490 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7l

Martell XO – 1100 PLN brutto / bottle 0,7l


Bottled beer Grolsch – 15 PLN brutto / bottle 0,33 L

Regional bottled beer Browar Stu Mostów – 25 PLN brutto / bottle 0,5 L

Non-Alcoholic Beer – 20 PLN brutto / bottle 0,5 L

Cocktails - 45 PLN brutto/ pc. (3 to choose)

Whisky Sour (Chivas 12YO, lemon juice, sugar, egg white, optionally)

Mojito (Havana Club 3 Años, Mint, sugar, lime, soda water)

Tom Collins (Beefeater, lemon, sugar, soda water)

Aperol SpritzAperol (Prosecco, Orange, soda water)

Honeymoon (Olmeca Blanco, Cointreau, honey, lemon, rose water)

Paloma (Olmeca Altos Reposado, grapefruit, lime, sugar, sparkling water)

Bramble (Beefeater, blackcurrant liqueur, lemon, sugar)

Manhattan (Whisky, Sweet vermouth, bitters)

Negroni (Beefeater, sweet vermouth, campari)

Espresso Martini Royale (Martel VS, Cointreau, Kahlua, espresso)

Moscow Mule (Wodka, lemon, ginger beer)

Kentucky Mule (Burbon, lemon, ginger beer)

Kir Royale (Blackcurrant liqueur, Prosseco)

   The organizer is allowed to bring his own alcohol in bottles no larger than 0,75L. 60 PLN service charge will be added to the bill for each open bottle.
Wedding cakes

  250 PLN / 1 kg
Chocolate / coffee / whiskey
Chocolate sponge cake / chocolate-whiskey mousse / coffee mousse

Coconut / passion fruit / lime
White sponge cake / coconut-lime mousse / passion fruit cream

Strawberry / vanilla / cream
Vanilla sponge cake / strawberry mousse / cream and vanilla mousse

Banana / caramel / peanut
Sponge cake / banana mousse / fudge with nuts

Raspberry / white chocolate / mint
White sponge cake / raspberry mousse / white chocolate and mint mousse

Lime / passion fruit
White sponge cake / lime mousse with white chocolate / passion fruit cream
Orange / chocolate / vanilla
Chocolate sponge cake / chocolate mousse with vanilla / orange mousse

Pistachio / pear / chocolate
Pistachio biscuit / pistachio cream / pear mousse / chocolate mousse

Mango / Tangerine
White sponge cake / mango mousse / mandarin mousse

Milk chocolate / blueberry / cream
White sponge cake / chocolate mousse / blueberry and cream mousse

Apple / caramel / hazelnut
Chocolate sponge cake / fudge with nuts / apple mousse

Three chocolate mousses
Sponge chocolate / white chocolate mousse / milk chocolate mousse / dessert chocolate mousse
   As part of a dessert or as an additional paid option

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