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Summer Terraces

Opening hours
Monday - Sunday: 12.00 - 23.00

Terraces in Hotel Monopol are a perfect choice for those seeking relaxation after a busy day. It’s a great place for any social eventsor a romantic evening under the stars. Surrounded by the Gothic church, with views on the Opera House and the National Forum of Music. With a glass of wine or a delicious dinner, you can relax from the hustle, daily rush and problems. The terraces are a unique venue for informal business meetings, receptions, banquets and occasional events. Our qualified team will arrange these spaces according to your wishes.
Hotel terraces

Pięciogwiazdkowy Hotel Monopol Katowice - restauracja monopol

Adjacent to the Aquario restaurant, the terrace on the sixth floor of the Hotel Monopol is an alternative for those who are tired of the big city, who want to stop time, without leaving Wroclaw. Try the homemade sweets prepared by us and look at the city from above, to fully enjoy the present of the moment.
Pięciogwiazdkowy Hotel Monopol Katowice - restauracja cristallo

The unique panoramic bar on the fourth floor of the Hotel Monopol. Surrounded by the breath taking views of the Old Wroclaw, and in the background the majestic Gothic church. The perfect place for a romantic evening, wine tasting at the long stone bar or business meeting under the open sky.

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We would like to present you with an offer of our stay packages: package with dinner, spa package, package with dinner & spa, VIP package.


In the renovated, 5 star hotel you can find 121 rooms and 11 standard as well as 3 luxury apartments. Each room was individually designed with attention to every single detail.


The Monopol Hotel has two restaurants, a cafe bar and spacious summer terraces.


Hotel Monopol Wrocław is at your disposal with: five fully equipped meeting rooms, two restaurants and an impressive terrace space.

Wellness & Spa

Located on level -1 luxurious Wellness & Spa Hotel Monopol, in an unusual way proves how integral the senses and the mind are.

Christmas Dinner

We offer you a Christmas Eve corporate buffet dinner and served dinner.