Luxurious and stylish The Monopol Hotel is a dream place for a wide variety of wedding ceremonies: from romantic and intimate to grand and lavish receptions. Our professional and dedicated staff aims to ensure that your every wish and requirements are met. From the moment you decide to spend your special day with us, our Special Events co-ordinator is on hand to bring every wish you might have to perfection and to make you feel a distinctive character of this day also during its preparation.


For the bride and groom the Monopol Hotel has prepared one of our sumptuous suites*, breakfast in bed or at the restaurant, treatment for two at the Wellness & Spa Centre and possibility of the late check out at 4pm the next day. There are preffered rates for all the wedding guests available.

*The offer applies to weddings, min. 60 people


We are delighted to offer our assistance in all kind of activities you wish to arrange for your special day. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will help you create this unique atmosphere you deserve on your wedding day.


The wedding menu will be individually prepared for you by the Head Chef and his professional team.



1. 120 pln per person
cold dishes – 6 courses + bread, butter,
salads – 4 courses,
hot dishes – 3 courses,
warm additions – 1 course,
desserts – 4 courses

2. 140 pln per person
cold dishes – 7 courses + bread, butter,
salads – 4 courses,
hot dishes – 4 courses,
warm additions – 2 course,
desserts – 4 courses

3. 160 pln per person
cold dishes – 9 courses + bread, butter,
salads – 4 courses,
hot dishes – 4 courses,
warm additions – 3 course,
desserts – 5 courses


Roasted pork with rosemary
Roasted pork with plum
Baked bacon with smoked plums
Pork Jelly
Pork pate
Pork and duck pate with pistachios
Roasted beef with french mustard
Smoked beef tongue with celery remoulade
Ham baked in honey
Beef with ricotta cheese and nuts
Veal with tuna sauce
Turkey with herbs
Herring in sour cream
Herring in linseed oil
Smoked salmon with sour cream
Cheese tart with spinach
Selection of Polish meats
Pickled vegetables


Mix of salad with tomato and cucumber
Mix of salad with cherry tomatoes, chicken and balsamic vinegar
Mix of salad with salmon and capers
Mix of salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and sheep cheese
Caesar salad with shrimps, parmesan cheese and croutons
Caesar salad with bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese and chives
Salad with couscous, octopus and mint
Greek salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, peppers, olives and basil
Caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil)
Salad with celery, lamb’s lettuce and hazelnuts
Salad with smoked salmon, lamb’s lettuce, capers and olives


Red borsch with croquette with cabbage and mushrooms
White borsch with white sausage
Veal tripe soup with tomatoes confit and ginger
Chicken shashlik marinated in coconut milk (2 pieces / person)
Pork knuckle glazed in dark beer
Beef Strogonow
Ribs with cabbage and bacon
Pork ham with mushrooms
Lamb knuckle with rosemary
Baked salmon with shallots
Spicy, crispy turkey
Turkey in pesto sauce
Duck thighs with apples and marjoram
Shrimps in green curry
Dumplings with veal
Dumplings with smoked goat cheese
Dumplings with potatoes and white cheese
Meat-stuffed cabbage


Silesian noodles
Baked Potatoes
Potato gnocchi
Potatoes with butter and dill
Buckwheat with thyme
Saffron rice
Red Cabbage with blackberries
Fried cabbage
Boiled vegetables
Grilled vegetables
Glazed carrots with tarragon


Apple pie with chantilly cream
Classic cheesecake
Honey cheescake
Walnut cake with praline cream
Yoghurt-raspberry cake on pistachio sponge
Banana chocolate cake
Lemon tart
Chocolate-caramel tart
Panna cotta with raspberry sauce
Yoghurt mousse with forest fruit
Lemon cream
Nut cream
Coffee cream
Vanilla cream
Strawberry foam
Seasonal fruit


Price list(charged according to consumption)


Sparkling wine Prosecco – 109 pln/ bottle
Champagne BILLECART SALMON Brut Reserve – 299 pln/ bottle
Champagne Veuve Clicquot Brut – 329 pln/ bottle
White wine – 75 pln/ bottle
Red wine – 75 pln/ bottle


Wódka Żubrówka – 75 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Wódka Wyborowa – 70 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Wódka Ostoya – 100 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Wódka Uluvka – 220 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L


Gin Beefeater – 140 zł brutto/ bottle 0,7 L
Plantation Barbados Rum  – 170 zł brutto/ bottle0,7 L
Don–Julio Blanco Tequila– 290 zł brutto/ bottle 0,7 L


Jameson – 200 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Jack Daniels – 190 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Bulleit Bourbon – 240 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Balvenie 12 y.o – 250 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Ardbeg 10 y.o. – 300 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L
Glenmorangie Original –300 zł brutto / bottle 0,7 L


Hennessy Very Special – 300 pln/ bottle 0,7 L
Hennesy X.O. – 1100 pln/ bottle 0,7 L


Bottled beer Grolsch – 15 zł / bottle 0,33 L
Regional Bottled beer Browar Stumostów – 23 pln/ bottle 0,5 L

COCTAILS – 25 pln/pc ( payment according to consumption)

– Whisky Sour (Chivas Regal 12 YO, lemon juice, sugar, egg white (optional)
– Elderflower Collins (Vodka wyborowa, elderflower cordial, lemon, sugar, sparkling water)
– Mojito (Havana 3 anos, mint, sugar, lime, sparkling water)
– Caipirinha (Cachaca, sugar, lime)
– Cosmopolitan (citrus vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry, lime)

The organizer is allowed to bring his own alcohol in bottles no larger than 0,75L.
– 40 PLN service charge will be added to the bill for each open bottle


coffee, tea, mineral water 25 pln per person

coffee, tea, mineral water, juices 35 pln per person

coffee, tea, mineral water, juices, pepsi, 7up, Schweppes 45 pln per person

Wedding Cakes

as part of a dessert or as an additional paid option – 150 zł / kg

Czekolada / kawa/ whisky

Biszkopt czekoladowy / mus czekolada-whisky / mus kawowy

Kokos/ marakuja / limonka

Biszkopt biały / mus kokos-limonka / krem marakuja

Truskawka / wanilia / śmietana

Biszkopt waniliowy / mus truskawkowy / mus śmietankowo-waniliowy

Banan / karmel / orzech arachidowy

Biszkopt orzechowy / mus bananowy / krówka z orzechami

Malina / biała czekolada / mięta

Biszkopt biały / mus malinowy / mus biała czekolada z miętą

Limonka / marakuja

Biszkopt biały / mus limonka z białą czekoladą / krem marakuja

Pomarańcza / czekolada / wanilia

Biszkopt czekoladowy / mus czekoladowy z wanilią / mus pomarańczowy

Pistacja / gruszka / czekolada

Biszkopt pistacja / krem pistacja / mus gruszka / mus czekolada

Mango / mandarynka

Biszkopt biały / mus mango / mus mandarynka

Czekolada mleczna / jagoda / śmietana

Biszkopt biały / mus czekolada / mus jagodowo-śmietankowy

Jabłko / karmel / orzech laskowy

Biszkopt czekoladowy / krówka z orzechami / mus jabłkowy


H. Modrzejewskiej 2, 50-071 Wrocław,
+ 48 71 77 23 772
fax: +48 71 77 23 778

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